7 rules of communications from the office pup

As a professional communicator, it's easy to classify yourself as a people person. At Branigan, we not only specialize in communicating with people, we're excellent with dogs. Bear Branigan, the spunky black lab puppy, is getting on-the-job-training in the finer points of office etiquette. He runs, he plays, he goes through your trash …

If you're thinking, "Bridget, you a crazy dog person," you're correct. I don't think it takes a crazy dog person to realize there's a lot to learn from our four-legged friend.

1. Life is exciting! Don't take it for granted. Dogs are experts at reminding humans just how wonderful it is to be alive.

2. Feeling stumped? Go for a walk, or a quick run around the office — just be careful to avoid slamming headfirst into glass doors.

3. Say hello to your co-workers each morning.

4. Take a moment to unwind. Too much stress will affect your performance and your health.

5. Careful when eating handfuls of granola at your desk, the crumbs (and expert crumb eater) will give you away.

6. Eye contact is a very effective form of communication.

7. Everyone is important. Regardless of your co-worker's title or client's budget, everyone deserves to be treated with professionalism and kindness.

In fact, it's not just us who believe Bear improves the office environment. Studies have proven that office dogs reduce work-related stress and increase job satisfaction. I couldn't agree more. Just, please don't tell my cat.

— Bridget Franke, assistant account executive