Blessed to be Irish

Being as Irish as we are, you’d probably expect that we sit around all day tossing about Irish sayings like they were lucky charms.

Things like: “If you're enough lucky to be Irish … You're lucky enough!”

And, “May the leprechauns dance over your bed and bring you sweet dreams.”

Or, “Every man is sociable until a cow invades his garden.”

Of course we do that.

Except today. We are on holiday. Because we’re Irish and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t want to rub it in, but being Irish is pretty awesome every day of the year. Here are some of the best things about being Irish from our Irish Branigonians:

• Red hair and freckles! Not only does this combination make me somewhat of a unicorn, it really confuses children. Recently, a 3-year-old asked me why I had so many ouchies on my arm. I've also been asked about my chicken pox, and when I was a child, my dad told me freckles were angel kisses, which I believe to be the most accurate answer.
— Bridget (Mc)Franke, assistant account executive

• Ireland, where the veil between heaven and earth is thinnest.
— Sally Branigan, CFO

• The BEST thing about being Irish lives in the heart and soul of the people and music. It doesn’t take long after you set foot in the homeland to recognize that you’re in a special place. The sense of humor, the craic (Gaelic for fun), the music, the storytelling and the kindness are just a few of the reasons why the Irish culture is so beloved. The draw is undeniable, especially in March and at Milwaukee Irish Fest in August, but I’m a little biased.
— Kathleen Dohearty, managing director

• Although I am not Irish, I was excited to marry an Irishman and upgrade to a cool last name!
— Marlo McCormick, senior account director

• On St. Patrick’s Day, the best thing about being Irish is celebrating your heritage, culture and traditions with millions of people across the world you’ve never met before, but know you all share that one thing in common.
— Tricia (’O) Timmers, public relations intern

• Sauerkraut.
—   Danielle (’O) Barr, senior digital strategist

• The best part about being Irish is having an organic connection to a people and legacy that symbolizes charm, romance and overcoming adversity. The Irish live deeply, love passionately and create stunning works of art/music that joyously reflect the human condition. Oh, and U2 … mic drop.
— Tom Branigan, CEO

• Reubens with sauerkraut; Irish tradition and music; calling Ireland my homeland; my last name!
— Julie Dohearty, office manager

• My favorite thing about being Irish is the Murphy hospitality trait that runs deep throughout my family, based on Ireland’s ancient Brehon Laws: “Whoever comes to your door you must feed him and care for him with no questions.” I was raised to be nice to everyone I meet and to always offer a smile — and maybe a pint.
— Callie Murphy, assistant account executive

• I think the best part about St. Patrick’s Day is you don’t really have to be that Irish (or Irish at all) to be welcomed fully into celebrations. Everyone looks good in green!
— Rachel (Mc)Haas, account director, brand strategy

Well said, Branigonians! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And remember: “Experience is the comb that life gives a bald man.”