Breaking down the big stuff

I love New Year’s. The news is full of year-in-review montages; we reflect on what was while thinking about the promise of what can be. We all sing Auld Lang Syne — no one knows the words or what the song means, yet it’s an essential part of New Year’s Eve.

We’ve spent the year hurrying around and accomplishing big things. New Year’s is all about big — the bigger, the better. The big ball drop in Times Square. Those big resolutions we all make. The big celebrations with friends and family.

At Branigan, we had some big milestones in 2015. We moved, we celebrated a decade in business and we enjoyed the many friendships and client relationships that make us who we are.

It was a big year. But it’s not the big that defines us. We like big wins, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the small moments that sustain us. We celebrate the victories on behalf of our clients; the creative BC team outings and the Wellness Wednesdays we logged; the fun we had collaborating with our creative and digital partners. And who could forget Star Wars? OK, that was kind of a big deal, but you get the idea.

So as we turn the page, flip the calendar and resolve to (fill in the blank), we look ahead to what we can accomplish together in 2016. Big wins? Yep, we hope for those, too, but we look forward to making the memories that will sustain us until this time next year.

Maybe someone will make a year-in-review montage for 2016. I nominate Tom …

— Kathleen Dohearty, managing director