Breaking new ground at camp

“Welcome to the camp. I guess we all know why we’re here.” That’s the first line in the Branigan Communications employee handbook and may or may not be a line from a ’70s mega hit by the world's greatest rock band. The Branigan band of communications professionals recently broke camp, relocating to more spacious quarters. In the process, we discovered we have lots of chairs — ridiculous amounts — and that some of us may have hoarding tendencies.

For a brief moment in time, we were a communications company without the means to communicate. No phones, no Internet. We were offline while we moved our operation to a larger site, although client meetings, remote work and lots of cell phone communiqués were still going on. Fortunately, meticulous coordination by our office manager ensured our downtime was brief.

Communications are back in full swing in our new camp, and besides desks and phones, we’re also making use of the full kitchen and spacious conference rooms. At Branigan Communications, the camp isn’t just a place where we show up every day at 8:30 a.m., it’s a setting that inspires creativity, collaboration and great work for our clients. It’s also a symbol of our company culture and what we stand for, and is a culmination of our firm’s metamorphosis and growth during the last decade.

Our camp is spacious, light-filled and decorated with just the right color combinations to enhance productivity, boost creativity and encourage concentration. We’ve found places for all of those chairs, and everyone purged and shredded before the move.

The physical space really is an extension of our work, and it’s the place where more groundbreaking ideas are yet to be conceived.

“Welcome to the camp. We all know why we’re here.”