Counting our blessings

At Branigan Communications we talk a lot about thankfulness. It often comes up in our discussions about client work; occasionally even when clients are in the room.

As we pause today for our national holiday to count our blessings, we thought it fitting to acknowledge friends, family, clients and others who enrich our lives. And then we thought of a few more things. Here is what Branigonians are thankful for this year:

• I am thankful I live free in a country protected by the best armed forces on the globe — people who sacrifice everything for us.

• I'm thankful for my niece and nephew. When they see me they give me big bear hugs and say, "Hi Juju," in their sweet little voices. Melts my heart every time.

• I am thankful for great friends, family, co-workers and, of course, Thanksgiving football. Go Bears!

• I am thankful for my dog and how excited she gets when she sees my car pull into the driveway.

• I'm thankful for the power of a smile, which always makes someone's day a little brighter; especially mine.

• I'm thankful for never outgrowing sleepovers with my best friends. We now live in all corners of the country, but when we get together it feels like nothing has changed.

• I am thankful for the excitement I see in my children's eyes at the first snowfall of the season. It makes the start of winter seem not so bad!

• I am thankful for cheese and crackers and the Green Bay Packers … and enchiladas, too.

• This Thanksgiving, I'm especially thankful to have a place to call home. Too often I take for granted having a safe, warm home filled with delicious food and those I love.

• I am thankful for the way my two dogs smile at me every day when I get home, like seeing my husband and me is the best part of their day.

• I am thankful to come home to a house that has heat, food in the cabinets and Netflix on TV.

• I'm thankful for the magic of this milestone year in my life, the journey to Ireland and New York, and the people in my life that make it all worth it every day.

• I am thankful that I cannot possibly count the number of blessings in my life — not nearly enough time.