Going big has its rewards

As a communications company, we love the big idea. After all, we’ve delivered plenty of them to clients. So when our web partner, Northern Ground, presented us with a creative concept for a revamp of our Branigan Communications website, we were all in.

It was time to update our website. Not that we didn’t like the former site — we think it’s still pretty cool. We’ve even integrated some of its distinctive elements in the new design and some of its spirit, too. The refreshed site checks more boxes in terms of defining our company and our capabilities, which have both expanded since we launched the last site.

We are now mobile-friendly so we look fantastic across all devices. And we’re more interactive, so we can create a dialogue around communications.

During this experience we learned a few things that have less to do with website design and much more to to do with communications.

The irony of that isn’t lost on us.

Fortunately, we were working with like-minded partners in Northern Ground, so when they asked for our trust, they had it — though, truthfully, we had trouble letting go sometimes. A client-agency relationship involves high levels of trust and respect, but approaching it as a partnership gives everyone ownership.

This process also forced us to convey who we are and what we do in just a few words. Fifteen words max, but eight was optimal. We often tell clients that less is more, particularly when it comes to messaging. This experience has given us a greater appreciation for the challenge of concision.

The design itself communicates a lot about our company: We are bold, creative, a little edgy. We can take the big idea and transform it into communications nirvana.

Insights. Ideas. Execution. Success. That’s what we do.