Hitting the sweet spot

Just say the word doughnut and you've got our attention. When some members of the BC team recently attended an engaging breakfast seminar on coaching, we didn't even get sidetracked with the Great Branigan Doughnut Debate*. That's gotta say something.

At Branigan Communications, we are always looking for better ways to do things — for our clients and for our team. Turns out, a session sponsored by Progress Coaching on building a corporate coaching culture has implications for both groups.

Dave Stevens, director of coaching for Inpro Corp. and an FOBC**, led the session and began with this mind-blower: Coaching and managing aren't the same thing. Makes sense, of course, but that differentiation (sometimes/usually/always) gets blurred in practice. But by committing to a coaching culture, good things follow.

Coaching nurtures creativity, builds confidence and helps people embrace change. Coaches outline expectations, help people set goals and require accountability in a less formal setting than a performance review. Coaches create a safe environment and foster growth. Coaches provide feedback, help people solve their own problems and learn from their mistakes.

As coaches we gain, too. We inspire, but also are inspired. We recruit and retain talented people. We enhance our workplace culture.

We put into practice leadership through service. We are honest, humble, ethical — the very same values that define our client relationships. By boosting our internal culture, we thrive, and that shows in our workplace and in our work with clients.

*The Great Branigan Doughnut Debate: Cake or bread? It's the first question posed to new Branigonians and spontaneously debated at the mere mention of the D-word. Currently, the Cake Camp holds a narrow lead over the Breadigonians.

**FOBC: Friends of Branigan Communications. We can never have too many FOBCs.