Live at the BC: Experiential marketing in action

What do you get when 150 of our closest FOBCs* show up to help us officially open our new offices? A rockin' good time.

Riffing off our Live at the BC rock 'n' roll theme, we didn't just throw a party, we created an experience — 'cause, you know, we do that.

There may or may not have been a tiny bit of apprehension as we waited for guests to arrive, but once clients started flowing in, the party was on! They liked our new space as much as we do and joined in the fun and games throughout the evening.

As communicators, we know how dangerous it can be to take things out of context, but we couldn't resist, just this once. Here are some of the random comments we heard during and after the event:

"Who is Moon?" (See also, "What is an Entwistle? and "What does Daltrey-Townshend mean?")
— All of our BC conference rooms are named after members of the world's greatest rock band, The Who. Keith Moon, wildman drummer; John Entwistle, Bassist of the Millennium; Pete Townshend, guitar-playing and songwriting genius; Roger Daltrey, Greatest. Frontman. Ever.

"What is a Rockin' Rollito?
— It's our BC signature cocktail, made with cranberry juice and other secret ingredients like Tequila.

"I LOVE Lucky Charms!"
— One of the many fabulous prizes in the Wheel of Rock game, questions for which were based on the backstage riders of bands. Did you know Mariah Carey bathes her dogs in Vitamin Water, the Rolling Stones bring their own snooker table on tour and Debbie Harry prefers Grey Goose vodka?

"That guy can sing!"
"Tom Branigan?"
"No, the other guy."
— Special thanks to music man extraordinaire Ian Gould, who kept things lively all night long. You know who else can really belt it out? Kathleen Dohearty, BC managing director. And also Katie Branigan of the Branigan Communications Branigans, with her dad, Tom, on guitar. FOBCs Seamus Holloway and Aaron Heffernan rocked the Open Mic portion of the evening pretty good, too.

"The M&Ms said it all."
— Just the green ones, which, according to urban rock legend, means you're working with a trustworthy, detail-oriented team.

Thanks to all of our FOBCs who elevated the experience from fun to incredible. And for those who couldn't attend, stop by anytime, we are always ready to rock. Visit BC on Facebook to see all of our party photos.

*FOBC: Friend of Branigan Communications