The softer side of Branigan

At Branigan Communications, it’s not all work, work, work. Of course, there is plenty of work — it is a job, after all. (We’re not exactly sunning ourselves on white sandy beaches all day with umbrella drinks in our hands, you know. Plus, some of us are Irish and there isn’t enough sunscreen in the world to keep us from burning to a crisp.)

But back to reality. So, in between the working and the not-sunning, there’s other fun stuff that defines the BC workplace.

St. Patrick’s Day: It’s an official company holiday at Branigan Communications. It’s an Irish thing, but, really, who doesn’t like a day off? And we look good in green.

BC team building: Off-site activities during which you really learn to trust your co-workers. You mean like skydiving? Yep. That’s what we mean.

Branigan Communications Birthday Club: Different than the company team-building events, BCBC is organized by Branigonians who celebrate birthdays around the same time. We go out and do some cool stuff so that the people who are getting older don’t feel so bad about it. (We may or may not let them win, but shh, don’t tell.)

Volunteering Time Off: Up to eight hours of official time off during the year to volunteer at a nonprofit of your choice. Then we share our experiences with the team so we can learn about new opportunities to help others.

In no particular order, we also like these things:

Music: This includes singing, karaoke, singing in the shower (on your own time) and going to concerts.

Movies: Leo, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth — we like all the great actors (wink).

Animals: Dogs and cats, mostly, but especially puppies.

Running: Marathons, half-marathons or around the block.

Fitness: We’ve turned it into a workplace competition for extra motivation to hit the gym.

Food: We like to try new foods that our co-workers bring in for Wellness Wednesday and a few other exotic things like pizza, burgers and froyo.

Coffee: We consider ourselves coffee connoisseurs, with frequent debates during our company-sanctioned Monday Morning Coffee Break on who brews the best cup of joe in town.

Travel: Time to hit those white sandy beaches!