The value of soft skills

Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships is fundamental to the success of any business. As an intern at Branigan Communications this fall, I've seen how the BC team invests in client relationships and how that investment establishes trust and confidence with clients.

As a young professional in the world of communications and marketing, I, too, have learned the value of developing a network through professional and personal connections. While studying business at UW-Milwaukee, I was building a network through my circle of friends, professors and bosses, though I might not have realized it at the time.

It was through one of those many connections that I learned about Branigan Communications. That mentoring experience a few years ago eventually led to this internship opportunity, proving that you never know how those connections will come full circle.

Reflecting on this experience and anticipating the future, I not only want to nurture relationships but help others establish connections. By joining professional business groups and maintaining ties with peers and mentors, there's no limit to how many connections can be formed during a career.

Since joining the BC team, I have learned a lot about the communications field and built some new relationships with colleagues and clients. I've learned something else, too. Relationships made in the business world can transcend business and lead to wonderful friendships. I've seen that here at BC as clients are referred to as friends of Branigan Communications, or, as we like to say, FOBCs.

No matter where I head next on my professional path, that's a takeaway that won't soon be forgotten.

— Holly Schlaefer, BC intern